Saruman was one of the Istari, Saruman the White, and was the leader of the order. He had supreme power, for he could control the minds of Men and could work marvels with his hands. He was especially knowledgable in the lore of the Elven Rings and also the history of the One and of Sauron. In 2759 of the Third Age he settled in Isengard. At first Saruman seemed to be a great friend of Rohan, but soon enough the Rohirrim realized that he desired the One. For this reason Saruman instructed the council to let Sauron remain in Dol Guldur, hoping that the One Ring would reveal itself to its master, and then that Saruman would be able to take it.

In 2953 Saruman fortified Isengard and made it undefeatable. He hired armies of Wild Men and Orcs and destroyed the fertile land nearby, until all of Nan Curunir, the location of Isengard, was a barren wasteland. In 3000 of the Third Age Saruman first used the palantír of Isengard, and through it he was ensnared by Sauron. Thinking himself free, he continued his search for the Ring, but he was truly controlled by Sauron. By the War of the Ring he had begun to refer to himself no longer as Saruman the White, but as Saruman of Many Colors. In 3019 Isengard was overthrown and flooded by the Ents, and thus Gandalf broke the staff of Saruman and became the Head of the White Council.

Saruman later invaded the Shire, making much of what was beautiful there a barren waste, much like Nan Curunir. When the hobbits returned Frodo cast Saruman out of the Shire, but Saruman was quickly slain by Gríma Wormtongue.

Saruman of Many Colors

By Ellis de Jong.