Pippin Took

Peregrin Took, always called Pippin, was a Hobbit of the Shire, an adventurer, a knight of Gondor, and the thirty-second Thain of the Shire, seemingly a sort of a governer. Pippin Took, being a close friend of Frodo Baggins, went with him in 3018 to Rivendell, and later was a Companion of the Ring until the breaking of the Fellowship in 3019, when he was captured with Merry by Orcs. After the Rohirrim attacked the band of Orcs he and Merry escaped into the Fangorn Forest, in which they met Treebeard and convinced him to hold an Entmoot, and eventually to storm Isengard. He mistakenly looked into the Seeing-stone of Orthanc, which did major temporary damage to him. After the Storming of Isengard he rode with Gandalf to Minas Tirith, where he was mistakenly called the Prince of the Halflings. In Gondor he became a Guard of the Citadel by the request of King Denethor, but betrayed the king by succeeding in stopping him from burning Faramir alive. Pippin later marched to the Black Gate and slew a great troll, an Olog-hai, which fell upon him.

After the War of the Ring Pippin became a Knight of Gondor under the rule of King Elessar, Aragorn. He then returned to the Shire to make ready the hobbits for battle. In 64 of the Fourth Age Pippin and Merry both went to Gondor and died by the side of King Elessar, and they were buried honorably in Minas Tirith.