I love horses, so I have made this as a tribute to four horses who played major roles in the outcome of the War of the Ring.

This is to commemorate:

Bill the Pony: Carried luggage for the Company of the Ring from Bree to Rivendell, and then from Rivendell to Moria. He was scared off by the Watcher in the Water after this, though he remained always remained Sam's best equine friend.

Shadowfax: Gandalf's prized steed of a special bloodline that bore him all across Middle-earth. It was Shadowfax that allowed Gandalf to reach Minas Tirith in time to save the planet.

Asfaloth: The horse of Glorfindel that bore Frodo to Rivendell in time for the healing of Elrond to take place. The entire War of the Ring may have gone in Sauron's favor if it had not been for Asfaloth.

Snowmane: The horse of King Théoden, who bore him to Minas Tirith in time to help turn the tides of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Snowmane and Théoden both died in this battle.

Marty: The noble steed used frequently by a certain Elf Princess. Some believe that Marty is of the same bloodline as Asfaloth, for he demonstrates a high level of intelligence. His rider is also quite special, for this Elf Princess is the most beautiful to ever walk the earth. We mortals are lucky to have her amongst us.