The Battle of the Hornburg

Called by many the Battle of Helm's Deep, a more accurate name is the Battle of the Hornburg, for that is the name of the fortress which lies within the canyon of Helm's Deep. The battle was fought in 3019 between the forces of Saruman and the Rohirrim, who were led by Théoden and Éomer. Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn participated in the battle as well. On March the third, during the night, the forces of Saruman attacked the fortress and broke the gate, though none could enter in.

On the morning of the fourth the Riders of Rohan, including Éomer and King Théoden rode forth, under the lead of Aragorn, alongside the foot soldiers of the Hornburg, and made a last stand against the Orcs. The forces of good forced the Orcs into a part of the canyon called the Deeping Coomb, and then Gandalf arrived with an army belonging to Erkenbrand, and the Orcs were trapped between the Riders of Rohan, the Forces of Erkenbrand, and a forest of Huorns that had arrived recently. The Orcs fled into the forest of Huorns and were slain. Háma died in this battle.